Tier I Overview

PBIS is a school-wide initiative.  That means ALL students receive universal supports.  These supports are commonly called Tier I Supports.  Implementing universal/Tier I supports takes time and effort.  Among the first steps that schools must take is forming a PBIS team.  The PBIS team is comprised of various school personnel, and each member will serve in at least one role within the PBIS team.  Roles include the PBIS Coach, the Team Reporter, the Team Recorder, the Data Analyst, and other relevant roles.  You can find helpful tools for teaming on our PBIS Leadership Teams resources page.


Schools must also identify 3 to 5 school-wide expectations.  These expectations will set the tone for your school climate.  Common examples of school-wide expectations are respect, responsibility, and safety.  Schools must teach students how to demonstrate these behavior expectations, and school personnel must acknowledgement when students succeed.  You can find resources on establishing behavior expectations on our Defining Behavior Expectations page.  You can find resources for acknowledgements on our Acknowledging Expected Behavior page.  PBIS also supports a number of non-punishment strategies for addressing inappropriate behaviors.  You can find resources on addressing inappropriate behaviors on our Responding to Problem Behavior page.