25 Tricks to Get Your Students Through the Last Weeks of School

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Oftentimes, these last weeks are the toughest in keeping kids focused on learning. Don’t worry. We have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you through the end of the year.

1. Make some new rules. 

Classroom management often gets tough this time of year, but inventing a new, silly rule can help kids refocus and keep kids on task. For example, you might establish a “rule” that everyone needs to lip sync to a favorite song while you walk down the hallway.

2. Take an extra recess.

Studies actually show that the more active kids are, the better they learn. So carve out some extra recess time—even if it’s just 10 minutes—to get them refreshed and focused on the day.

3. Set a weekly goal.

Each week before the end of school seems to get a little bit harder. To help with this, try setting a class goal such as “Together we will read 1,000 minutes this week.”

4. Set a daily goal.

Let’s be honest—sometimes weekly goals just get lost in the shuffle. So try a daily goal instead. Example: “Today we will have no problems when we line up.”

5. Try a new behavior system.

Maybe your color system just isn’t working anymore. It’s time to bust out some incentives! If your students reach a certain goal, offer pajama day, class outside, or even tell them you’ll dress up in a fun outfit or costume.

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