5 Ways to Keep Students Engaged at the End of the School Year

5 Tricks for Keeping Students Engaged at the End of the School Year

It’s about that time of year when some students start to check into summer mode. As teachers, this is a terrifying thought. The end of a school year can actually be one of the most engaging times for your students if we make a few simple adjustments in our classrooms. Here are five secrets to keeping students engaged during May and June:

1. Do a project.

According to a study by Child Trends (2015), there are five critical skills likely to increase the odds of success: social skills, communication skills, higher order thinking skills, self-control, and positive self-concept. A project is an ideal place to practice honing these skills. With project- or problem-based learning:

  • Behavior issues decrease
  • Students become more empowered and inspired to learn
  • Your role becomes more that of a facilitator than a leader
  • You must do more planning up front
  • Learning becomes contextualized in the bigger picture
  • Students are asked to create something or solve a problem

At the end of the school year, group projects prove to be the most engaging and help your class become a community of learners. By now, your students are probably champing at the bit to take some ownership of their learning and step up to the plate.

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