How To Avoid An Increase In Misbehavior As The School Year Winds Down

It’s common for behavior to worsen during the final few weeks of the school year.

Sensing summer break approaching, students begin to feel their age outpacing their grade level. They grow restless and excitable. They become bolder, testing the boundaries to see if they’re as firm as they once were.

Understandably, this unwanted change rubs teachers the wrong way. For misbehavior during the home stretch has a whiff of betrayal. At a time when you should be most enjoying your students, when rapport is at its apex, it becomes one battle after another.

And unless you’re careful, it’s easy to lose your cool. It’s easy to take misbehavior personally and fall into harmful methods that cause resentment and threaten to sully a joyous, memorable end to the school year.

Combined with an emboldened group of students more determined than ever to dig in their heels, the last few weeks can deteriorate into a grinding, scraping claw to the finish line.

But it’s all avoidable.

Here’s how:

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