Getting Started with PBIS at the Building Level

Creating a School Leadership Team

Identify a group of staff who represent the school community:

  • Grade levels
  • Geographic areas of the school
  • Various skills and abilities, e.g.:
    • Data analysis
    • Behavior expertise
    • Communication
  • Various positions and roles, e.g.:
    • Administration
    • General education
    • Special education
    • Counseling
  • Consider family and student voice
Purpose and Responsibilities of the School Team
  • Customize PBIS implementation
  • Develop processes, procedures, & tools
  • Create organizational structures
  • Collect and collate data
  • Develop and provide staff supports
  • Develop and monitor PBIS action plan
  • Hold regular meetings
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Report outcomes


Professional Development courses for PBIS offered through AR Ideas

Materials for Download

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