Welcome to the Arkansas PBIS Tier III Training Modules

The development of these modules was funded through the Arkansas State Personnel Development Grant. The modules were developed in collaboration with PBIS trainers and consultants from the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) at Arkansas State University and content specialists from the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education.

The Tier III modules can serve multiple purposes:
  • Exploration and readiness: administrators and other school personnel can find out more about Tier III of PBIS and how to prepare for implementation (module 1 provides an overview and readiness information)
  • Initial Tier III training: after exploring, determining readiness, and securing a group commitment, school teams can begin Tier III implementation (it is highly recommended that training is guided by an experienced PBIS trainer or behavior support specialist, with these modules used as supporting materials)
  • Training of trainers and coaches: districts and schools can use these modules to help ensure sustainability by increasing local fluency in PBIS Tier III implementation
  • Booster training: after implementing Tier III, districts and schools can use these modules as go-to resources for strengthening implementation of Tier III
Some things to keep in mind as you begin to explore Tier III:
  • Tier III module 1 provides an overview and readiness information for Tier III, so please begin with this module before exploring the other modules.
  • Having strong implementation at Tiers I and II is essential to having a successful Tier III. If you are considering implementing Tier III, use the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI) and/or other indicators (e.g., schoolwide discipline data showing % of students with more than 5 major referrals) to see where you can strengthen Tiers I and II.
  • Classroom PBIS is particularly important, as teacher participation (e.g., planning, check-ins, data collection, feedback, etc.) is a critical component in Tier III interventions.
Materials included with each training module:
  • PowerPoint presentations: ready-made presentations (including an ongoing case study), complete with trainer notes; can be used as-is with the flexibility of adding local context
  • Facilitator’s Guides: additional detailed notes (slide by slide), resources, activity suggestions, handouts, homework suggestions, and general information for preparing to present the module

Tier III Modules & Facilitator’s Guides

Module 1 Overview and Readiness for PBIS Tier III
This training module provides an overview of PBIS Tier III, assists in determining the readiness for implementation, and provides a foundation for behavior management.
Module 2 Tier III Leadership
This training module guides the development of a strong Tier III leadership team, including roles and responsibilities of team members.
Module 3 Identifying Students for Individualized Support
This training module supports the development of a system to identify students for Tier III interventions, including entry criteria and the referral process.
Module 4 Functional Behavior Assessment
This training module provides information on conducting a Functional Behavior Assessment, collecting data, and writing a summary statement.
Module 5 Behavior Intervention Plan
This training module provides an overview of the Behavior Intervention Plan, guides the development of behavior goals and identification of interventions, and supports the implementation and evaluation of the Behavior Intervention Plan.